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Hydraulic Dump Trailers For Sale Seattle

When it comes to hauling heavy items, you want to do so safely and efficiently. That’s where dump trailers come in. These types of trailers have long been used to help with efficiency, safety, and security. The dump trailers for sale Seattle at Best Built Trailers offer all that and so much more. Since 1954, the company owners have taken pride in developing heavy-duty, durable, high-quality hauling equipment for all types of towing needs.

Take a few minutes to learn why you want a dump trailer, the customization options, and how we can help!

Dump Trailer Basics

Utilizing a hydraulic system, dump trailers make it easy to unload and load heavy equipment or items. The trailer itself will raise and lower to allow for the safe moving of equipment or cargo. For example, you can move skid steers, large tires, or even landscaping items with ease with this type of system.

Trailer Size

There are multiple size options available. One of the most popular sizes we see is the 14-foot trailer. This allows the unit to be maneuvered easily while giving you plenty of hauling capacity as well. However, we do create them from 8-foot to 30-foot sizes as well.


You can choose the type of finish you want in a customized dump trailer as well. For instance, one type of finish is galvanized. Our experts can go over all the options with you to better serve your hauling needs.

If you need to discuss the options for dump trailers for sale in Seattle, be sure to reach out today at (425) 742-1102. We look forward to discussing your needs and serving you to find the perfect trailer fit,