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There is no room for lesser quality when it comes to something like flat bed trailers or dump trailers. It is imperative that you have a durable and versatile addition to your fleet that will stand up to all of the jobs at hand.

Selecting Your Dump Trailer

A dump trailer is a design that uses hydraulics to help lift the bed of the trailer from the frame. What this does is make it easy to unload a heavy haul in a safe, easy, and efficient manner. Most dump trailers get towed behind a truck or another type of vehicle for hauling tools, building materials, landscaping goods, or other hefty or bulky items. Rather than have to deal with manual unloading, you can quickly unload via a button or switch as-needed. Dump trailers are available in a broad assortment of materials, sizes, and functionality. Our staff at Best Built Trailers is happy to talk with you about your needs in terms of budget and capacity.

Selecting Your Flat Bed Trailer

A flat bed trailer is generally defined as having a deck that sits over the tires but without fenders. You will usually have features like a rub rail along the sides as well as stake pockets. You will often find that the term flat bed trailer is often broadly used throughout the trailer industry. Depending on the person or company making the definition, you could be discussing anything from a smaller tandem axle trailer that has a hauling capacity of just a few thousand pounds – or something up to a much larger trailer that get pulled using a semi-truck. Here at Best Built Trailers, we will help you find the ultimate flat bed trailer to meet your hauling needs!

Why Choose Best Built Trailers?

Whether you are looking for a flat bed trailer or a dump trailer, we have the inventory you need. Additionally, our team is happy to work with you to develop a design to be built to your exact specifications. We offer nothing but the finest quality, and all of our trailers are guaranteed to last!

Call us at Best Built Trailers today at (425) 742-1102 to learn more about our products or discuss your custom order. We also have a convenient online form that you can use to get a quote for your new flat bed or dump trailer.
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